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What is Coaching? Coaching is a collaborative relationship that enables you to create momentum by building on your strengths and unlocking new ones. As your coach, I will listen fully by devoting my attention, thought and energy to you. I will be your enthusiastic partner, full of endorsement, compassion and acknowledgment. I will ask questions to uncover the heart of the matter and gain a full understanding of your situation. At times, I may offer my views on your circumstances. Other times, I may make requests that prove to be quite challenging. You may be asked to use experiential tools to develop skills. Assessment and other measurement tools may be used to assess your baseline and give evidence to progress.

You are the expert on you. I’ll ask thought-provoking questions. You discover the answers. We may work hard during the session, clarifying your goals and creating the best strategies, but the most important work happens between sessions. By honoring your power, I augment it and create more space for you to influence your surroundings.

What does coaching look like? You and I have a conversation that lasts 30 to 50 minutes. At the end of the conversation, you will have an action plan to be carried out by the next session. Between sessions, there may be some email support if appropriate. The sessions are over a period of time that you and I will determine. Typically, the sessions cover a period of 3 months, 6 months or a year depending on your objectives and your chosen purpose for the coaching relationship. These conversations take place via video conferencing or over the phone.

Is coaching effective? That is a question you will need to answer for yourself. But, in the meantime, click here for just a few of the many studies that show how coaching is well worth the time and money invested.  For testimonials on Lisa’s coaching, please click here.

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