Interview Coaching


  • Do you have an important interview coming up?
  • Do you get nervous and unsure in an interview situation?
  • Have you been out of the job market for a while?
  • Are you a recent graduate interviewing for your first job?

Did you have a job opportunity in the past, knew you were perfect for the job, but botched the interview and lost that opportunity?

The interview is the bottom line of your job search and it is something that many of us dread.  The nature of the meeting is for the interviewer to pass judgment on whether you are the right person for the position or not.  They ask the questions and structure the time.  It is a time period where we have to talk about ourselves and portray ourselves in the most positive light.  Many just go into the interview and do the best they can.

There is a better way.  There are strategies to know, skills you can learn and preparation exercises that you can do to feel more at ease and confident.

What is Interview Coaching?

Interview Coaching is a combination of coaching and mock interviews.  Here are just some of the benefits:

  • You will learn about interviewing from the employer’s perspective so that you can better strategize.
  • You will become more precise in your career goals by creating your “must have” list that guides your career path.
  • You will gain clarity on what your strengths and achievements are and how you can bring these to the forefront to show you are the best candidate for the position.
  • You will gain experience and confidence through practice interviews in handling the tough interview questions.

I’m ready.  What do I do next?

First, set up a free introductory session during which we will see what your needs are and if Interview Coaching meets those needs. Know that not all interview preparations are alike.  Each person has different obstacles and goals. The action plan is tailored to meet your objectives.  After the introductory session, there is typically four 50 minute sessions, plus worksheets and exercises to be completed outside of the sessions.  You may have a timeframe that you need to meet. We will create the plan and schedule the sessions according to your needs.

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