imgIs life not going the way you want it to? Many people envision more for their life, but are just not sure about how to get there.

With me as your coach, you’ll explore what life has in store for you and discover your unique talents and resources to pursue your purpose.

Through the use of assessment tools, measurements of progress, strategy, powerful questioning and catalyzing conversation, you will unveil the power to build yourself a better life. I have more than 20 years of counseling experience, which has provided me with a wealth of knowledge about the human condition and how to empower people to live a better life. You and I will create a partnership that enables you to pursue your vision efficiently and effectively.

As a counselor and management consultant, I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have transformed their lives and work experience. As an instructor of a holistic fitness program and through personal education and practice, I have helped others pursue a healthier life that brings them joy. You are welcome to find out more about me on the Meet Lisa page.

I invite you to explore this website and then contact me for a complimentary coaching session.

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